As we have many years’ experience in software design, both for mobile and PC-based applications, we are ideally qualified to help you to develop your own ideas and turn them into apps. Whatever the target platform, our team can advise, design and build your app for delivery to your customers.

Another approach which we have pioneered is the use of Smartphones as business presentation tools - we build a tailored presentation which is uploaded to the relevant app store, and easily downloaded by your clients either as a product which sits alongside that important presentation you gave to a potential client, or as a freebie which reminds them of why they are considering you in the first place - perhaps a game developed specifically to promote your business. The apps are password protected, so any confidential information will only be available to those who have been given the access code. They can also be time-limited, which means they stop functioning after a certain date.

For either of these routes, or if you have other specific, Smartphone-oriented ideas, please give our team a call.